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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hamas takes action on Israeli phosphorus bombs

Sun, 25 Jan 2009 12:16:48 GMT | PressTV

Hamas says it will take Israel to the international court over the alleged use of phosphorus bombs by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, a political advisor to the senior Hamas leader, Ahmed Yousef, said the movement was set to file a lawsuit at the international Criminal Court against Israel.

The steps are being taken amid reports by UN expert Richard Falk as well as other independent experts suggesting that Israel may have breached basic humanitarian rules and international laws in its military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Tel Aviv launched Operation Cast Lead on December 27 to put an end to rocket attacks against southern Israeli towns. At least 1,330 Palestinians died during the offensive, while some 5,450 others were reported wounded.

The huge number of civilian casualties in the densely-populated coastal sliver has provoked widespread outcries around the globe among many nations as well as their leaders.

A fierce controversy has also broken out over the alleged use of white phosphorus, also known by the military as WP or Willie Pete, by the Israeli army in the densely-populated Gaza Strip.

White phosphorus, classified as a 'chemical weapon' by US intelligence, is an incendiary material that causes horrific burns, severe injuries or death when it comes in contact with human skin.

Tel Aviv says it is investigating the alleged use of the deadly weapon in its 23-day war in Gaza.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said, in an interview with Britain's channel 4, that Gaza phosphorus casualties may have been caused by Hamas.

"When you walk into a totalitarian government where people have injuries, how do you know that some of these injuries weren't caused - for example - by Hamas munitions?" Regev said.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military repot revealed that the forces pounded the residential areas in the Gaza Strip with at least twenty phosphorus bombs during the offensive.

The UN nuclear watchdog said Wednesday that it would open an investigation into the charges against Israel, which also include the use of depleted uranium.

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