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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gaza worse than being depicted

Fri, 23 Jan 2009 22:33:09 GMT

Donatella Rovera
Amnesty describes the situation in Gaza far worse than supposed, stressing the need for a probe into the violation of int'l law in the Gaza war.

Speaking at an interview with Press TV on Friday, Donatella Rovera, who is heading an Amnesty International investigation team in Gaza, said the 'massive scale' of the humanitarian crisis on the ground in Gaza is beyond what is being detailed by photos or TV reports.

Revora did not reject the idea of a war crime tribunal to punish Israel for the huge number of civilian casualties in it offensive in the Gaza Strip, but said an impartial investigation must be launched to look into all violations of international rules during the 23-day assault.

Meanwhile, the world is concerned over the Israeli army's use of banned weapons against Gazans, including white phosphorus and depleted uranium.

But Revora described the incendiary bomb as only one of the issues of concern regarding the violations committed in the Gaza offensive.

She said the air-borne bombs, machine-guns, F-16 aircraft, artillery and tank shells and missiles used by Israel against the Palestinians in the territory are not banned but the manner in which they are used is not acceptable.

Revora regretted the world's silence and lack of political will to stop the 'big catastrophe' and that the ceasefire came far too late.

The people in Gaza are short of everything and many are in “absolute, desperate need of the first necessities for shelter”, she added.

She urged the world to pressure Israel and Egypt to open the border crossing with Gaza and let international; aid deliveries into the war-torn region.

But more than food or shelter Gazans need justice and accountability, she concluded and repeated her call for an immediate, uninterested investigation into the atrocities in Gaza.

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